AI hostess for your restaurant's phone

Make a reservation, place a pickup or delivery order, and answer any question about your restaurant live over the phone. TimeShark even integrates with leading POS and Reservation applications. A novel customer phone experience available in any language.

Reservations, made with AI

TimeShark integrates with leading reservation applications to view availability and allow customers to place reservations live over the phone.

Order food, over voice

Delivery Orders

Delivery orders are made through integrations with 3rd-party apps or couriers.

Pickup Orders

Customers can order for pickup by phone. You receive confirmations via email or by integrating TimeShark with your website or Point of Sale.

Provide caller with answers to any question

We train our AI systems on information you provide about your restaurants. Any question from a client can be answered intelligently and can be easily updated.

What our clients say about TimeShark

"The system takes the pressure off our staff to answer calls. The AI system and responses are amazing."

El Turco Founder

"We were able to lower our costs with TimeShark by directing clients to place orders through our website."

Stanzione Founder

"TimeShark's ability to process our menu is impressive. Client ordering is much easier than before."

Restaurant Group Founder

"Clients no longer have to wait on hold and we never miss a sales opportunity."

Hercules General Manager

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