AI receptionist for your service-based business

TimeShark provides businesses with an AI receptionist to answer calls from clients in real-time. Never miss a sales call again, or have a poor customer experience. Advanced features allow business owners to answer clients calls for new business, schedule appointments / bookings, and view all their data in one place. Easily transfer calls when and where you want.

Never miss a sales lead

When a new client calls your business, TimeShark asks your client all the information needed for following up with a quote for the services. No more missed calls and missed sales opportunities.

Automatically schedule appointments

TimeShark integrates with your business' calendar and automatically schedules estimates or appointments with new clients. Businesses see a higher conversion rates with scheduled appointments.

Manage customer data and support requests

Our AI customer service agent can leverage your client information to answer support requests live over the phone or forward the information to an live person.

Transfer calls when you want

Forward calls to TimeShark whenever you want to, right from your cell phone.

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